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Digital Transformation is the most urgent challenge for leaders in every business today

Yet most transformation projects under-deliver, grind to a halt and fail. Learning how to be digital is more difficult, risky and painful than it should be.

We think there’s a better way.

Change by making
Product-led transformation

We make new digital products collaboratively in a way that brings technology, culture and people together to drive big change.

Learn how to re-imagine customer experiences, reduce time-to-market and build self-belief by doing it instead of just talking about it.

What our clients say

What our clients say

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Made by Many taught us to focus ruthlessly but it was the most fun and rewarding experience I have had in digital media.

Julian March

Julian March, ITV News

Director of Online, ITV

Made by Many took us on a magical journey, inspired by the way teachers were hacking Skype to connect their classrooms.

Gary Bramall

Gary Bramall, Skype

Global Senior Brand Director, Microsoft

Made by Many were able to engage the institution as a whole… Their process left us feeling empowered.

Alex Stitt

Alex Stitt, Victoria and Albert Museum

Director Commercial and Digital, V&A

Made by Many made the difference for us, many times. They did not give us fish, they taught us how to fish.

Lesley Demuynck

Lesley Demuynck, VRT

Head of VRT Creative Lab

A breakthrough digital product in your customers’ hands within 100 days

Our product-driven approach gets straight to the point: making models and ideas tangible and testable very rapidly by putting them in real people’s hands.

You get a game-changing new product and you get a product-driven transformation for free 👻

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Vision & discovery
4-8 weeks

Vision & discovery

Pinpoint the best opportunities, understand constraints, develop a business case and plan.

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Proof of concept
5-10 weeks

Proof of concept

Rapidly test and evolve the product and model through prototyping. Blueprint the operating model and organisational implications.

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Go to market
8+ weeks

Go to market

Fast, agile delivery of a high impact, quality assured and viable product to market, including systems integration, new workflows and training.

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Transform & grow

Transform & grow

Catalyse transformational change; build the capabilities to make change continuous; measure and evolve the strategy

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