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Business Strategy

Digital transformation in aviation: it's time for take off

The smart mobile internet has created new ways for airlines to compete. The challenge for the Chief Digital Officer is to foster a more customer-focused mindset and build a digital organisation that’s closely integrated with operations — not just with sales.

William Owen   ·   5 September 2018

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Why developers make the worst start-up founders

A start-up should solve a problem. But where to find this problem?

Ilya Poropudas  ·  1 August 2018

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Business Strategy

Creating a digital business intelligence venture out of the Cannes Lions Festival

Made by Many, in partnership with Ascential, the parent company of the Cannes Lions Festival, has launched a digital database of inspirational advertising ...

Andrew Lister  ·  3 July 2018

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Flipside: creating new pathways into digital careers

Traditional education is struggling to keep up with the demand for digital product design skills. We've been working together with partner agencies to offe...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  ·  21 May 2018

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2018 internship: Applications now open

Today we’re opening applications for our 2018 internship. If you’re excited by making products that matter and would like the opportunity to explore this t...

Tom White  ·  14 May 2018

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Misconceptions of the lone QA

Throughout my career as a quality assurance engineer (QA), I can honestly say that I have pretty much come across most of the misconceptions and myths that...

Jamie Mayes  ·  29 January 2018

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How tooling improved the quality of our IoT product development on Raspberry Pi

Many developers vastly prefer writing code for Raspberry Pi’s over writing code for microcontrollers. The operating system stack on the Pi facilitates many...

Melissa Coleman  ·  29 January 2018

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I ❤️ systemd: Running a splash screen, shutting down screens and an IoT product service with Python on Raspberry Pi

Systemd is fun! No really. Let me talk you through our process of running services for an IoT product on Raspberry Pi.

Melissa Coleman  ·  22 January 2018

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Behind the scenes: User research on the road

People often ask about our research methodologies so I thought I'd give an insight into a recent experience when Peter and I spent 10 days on the road cond...

Tom White  ·  8 December 2017

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Business Strategy

Lab rats: true tales of digital innovation

There is no set formula, process or structure for becoming a digital business, but these three case studies suggest that the key to understanding how to or...

William Owen  ·  1 December 2017

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Pushing my limits as a developer

At the end of the summer, I completed a ten-week internship at Made by Many. Before this I had mainly worked on my own side projects, either on my own or w...

Madeleine Linder  ·  23 November 2017

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Digital Transformation

The new landscape of digital transformation

In 2011 at SxSW in Austin, TX we realised we were sitting next to our big hero at the time, Eric Ries — author of The Lean Start-up. It was early evening a...

Tim Malbon  ·  17 October 2017

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Takeaways from trying out Tachyons CSS after ages using BEM

BEM has been our go-to solution for writing CSS for a number of years now. We’ve had some good and some not-so-good experiences with it, but overall it’s p...

Callum Jefferies  ·  13 October 2017

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Getting to grips with product design

As a digital designer, growing up in London, I have always been inspired by the power of design, and the influence it can have in changing behaviours.

Nadine Grant  ·  4 October 2017

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A Year of React Native: Styling Part 2

We’ve been using React Native for over a year now and we’re loving how quickly we can create feature-rich and performant apps for iOS and Android. So far w...

Sam Murray  ·  21 September 2017

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Fun with Python

We've been having fun learning Python!

Kat Lynch  ·  18 September 2017

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Digital Transformation

White collar thinking: why business management needs to shake off some core beliefs before it can ‘get’ digital

Business management shares a value system forged to solve 20th Century business problems centred on cost, price and marketing. Our century's challenge is a...

William Owen  ·  5 September 2017

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Kaizen and minarai: Continuous improvement and the Made by Many summer internship

Continuous improvement happens on most things round here and the internship programme is no exception. Since 2012, Made by Many has opened its doors each s...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  ·  21 August 2017

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Business Strategy

The problem with briefs and how to turn them into exciting projects

You’re a small agency, with a steady stream of briefs coming through the door and a growing reputation. And yet, you can’t help but feel you’re not doing y...

Sam Small  ·  16 August 2017