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Our partnership with Finnair began in 2015 with a brief to create a next-generation booking engine that differentiates Finnair from competitors by taking a customer-centric approach.

As Finnair’s digital ambition grew, our work evolved from a focus on increasing revenue through cross-sell and up-sell to improving the end-to-end customer experience; then to building in-house digital culture, new ways of working, and an overarching digital strategy that complemented Finnair’s brand focus on smart premium travel between Europe and the Far East via the Helsinki hub.

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Our Approach

Detailed prototypes of flexible booking and up-sell were followed by the design of a price acquisition tool, personalised flight booking and flight management. The work was deeply collaborative and shared across the operational, commercial and digital teams. We established lean make-test-learn practices and a playbook with a practical guide to the prototypes, design principles and insights developed over the course of this project.

This was followed in 2017 with a new digital strategy, guiding principles and overarching value propositions which, along with key organisational changes, are being implemented progressively and successfully by the Finnair digital team during 2018.

The Results

Finnair has built a strong independent digital capability, closely integrated with the core business, organised around a deep knowledge of the customer and a unifying ambition: to treat every customer as an individual and tailor their experience to give them control and comfort before, during and after their journey.

This is a value proposition delivered by an emerging intelligent travel ecosystem, one that builds a direct digital relationship with customers, with data driving personalised, context-sensitive offers and information.