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We prototyped and designed a new platform to help Finnair balance two seemingly contradictory objectives: to improve the integration of ancillary purchases into the booking journey and increase revenues, while at the same time transforming the customer experience into something that people genuinely love to use.

Stakeholder workshop

The Made by Many team has been working in the Vantaa HQ with both the Finnair digital team and the wider business to understand the full range of opportunities available (pricing structure, flight selection, extras and upgrades etc.) to make buying easier and to increase conversion.

We identified pain points with conventional booking engines to figure out ways to re-think the process and significantly improve the experience

The cognitive load upfront and choice overload was reduced by breaking down decisions and options into a series of steps.

We balanced business objectives such as the need to sell seats, bags and fare types, with creating a delightful, reassuring experience. We did this by focusing on making relevant suggestions that helped the user get what they need rather than โ€œsellingโ€ to them.

The impact was to free Finnair from a vendor-led software specification process to a design-led, user centred approach. Our responsive working prototypes for mobile and web gave Finnair a detailed experience model with which to test and measure vendor solutions and create genuine competitor advantage in the quality of its booking engine.

Finnair launched a live beta of its new booking engine in early 2017, which already incorporates a number of the features and flows designed by Made by Many.