Business Strategy

Creating a digital business intelligence venture out of the Cannes Lions Festival

Made by Many, in partnership with Ascential, the parent company of the Cannes Lions Festival, has launched a digital database of inspirational advertising...

Andrew Lister   ·   3 July 2018


Getting to grips with product design

As a digital designer, growing up in London, I have always been inspired by the power of design, and the influence it can have in changing behaviours.

Nadine Grant   ·   4 October 2017


The portfolio you send is not the one you present

How to make your design portfolio work for you

Adam Morris   ·   27 July 2017


How to run a sketch session

Tom White   ·   14 July 2017


What we mean when we talk about ‘Product Feels’

‘Product Feels’ grab people by the heart and make them feel something every time they use a product.

Mike Walker   ·   4 July 2017


Riffing on Design

During my heady student days, I spent most of my time (and student loan) travelling up and down the country playing guitar in a pop-punk band. Rather than...

Adam Morris   ·   24 May 2017


A Short Thought: Design isn’t where the progress is made—learning is

Tom White   ·   18 May 2017

Business Strategy

Unleashing customer magic: our upcoming workshop at The Digital Content Summit 2017

Tim Malbon   ·   17 May 2017


The Chameleon Effect: Designing products that users can relate to

You’ve probably experienced this: Listening to someone who has a different accent than you, maybe when visiting another country or watching Goodfellas for...

Spencer Wilton   ·   28 April 2017


5 books that shaped our design thinking

Sam Small   ·   5 April 2017


When a sketch isn’t a sketch

The evolution of the humble sketch

Adam Morris   ·   20 December 2016


Principles for encouraging customers to buy more than an exhibition ticket

Lessons learned from designing for cross-sells with the Royal Academy of the Arts

Sam Small   ·   15 December 2016


Design Research, Justworks and that song stuck in your head

“It’s like having a song you don’t know the name of stuck in your head, you know how it goes but how do you find out what it’s called?”

HJ Kwon   ·   15 March 2016

Business Strategy

On Designing For Complexity, Emergence, Collaboration, Adaptivity and Joy

A conversation between Tim Malbon of Made by Many, Oliver Marlow of architectural practice Studio Tilt, and Jon Marshall of industrial designers Map Proje...

Kevin Braddock   ·   3 March 2016


Asking the question: should designers code?

If you asked me “Should designers code?”, I wouldn’t be able to answer you. The question serves as a popular op-ed headline, but drops context in favor fo...

Christine Sadrnoori   ·   15 February 2016


On Becoming A User

Thinking about design with some help from Carl Rogers

Isaac Pinnock   ·   3 February 2016


Structuring research: improving your designs through customer feedback

We were 6 weeks into a project. We’d got under the skin of our clients business and had ran a bunch of depth interviews along with insights driven prototy...

Adam Morris   ·   12 January 2016


Avoiding the monster truck problem

Some Working principles in designing for an older audience

Alex Harding   ·   10 December 2015

Business Strategy

Innovation labs: best practice

The second volume of our report on innovation labs presents a broader collection of contemporary best-practice knowledge, gathered from our discussions wi...

Kevin Braddock   ·   16 November 2016

Business Strategy

Asking The Big Questions About Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are a hot topic in business at the moment – but what’s the best way to launch and run one? What are the biggest challenges to success, the...

Georgie Mack   ·   15 March 2016