Business Strategy

“Build or Buy” is the wrong question: What would FAANG* do?

Should you shape your company to a piece of software, or shape the software to your company?

Charlie Rowat   ·   14 February 2019

Business Strategy

Lab rats - true tales of digital innovation

There is no set formula, process or structure for becoming a digital business, but these two case studies suggest that the key to understanding how to org...

William Owen   ·   11 December 2018


Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer (Full-time/Part-time)

We’re looking for a versatile and collaborative full-stack software developer to join our team.

Neethu Mathew   ·   28 November 2018


Full-stack Software Developer (Full-time)

We’re looking for an experienced and versatile developer who enjoys building great products and working collaboratively in cross-disciplinary teams.

Neethu Mathew   ·   28 November 2018


Why developers make the worst start-up founders

Ilya Poropudas   ·   1 August 2018

Business Strategy

Creating a digital business intelligence venture out of the Cannes Lions Festival

Made by Many, in partnership with Ascential, the parent company of the Cannes Lions Festival, has launched a digital database of inspirational advertising...

Andrew Lister   ·   3 July 2018


Misconceptions of the lone QA

Throughout my career as a quality assurance engineer (QA), I can honestly say that I have pretty much come across most of the misconceptions and myths tha...

Jamie Mayes   ·   29 January 2018


How tooling improved the quality of our IoT product development on Raspberry Pi

Many developers vastly prefer writing code for Raspberry Pi’s over writing code for microcontrollers. The operating system stack on the Pi facilitates man...

Melissa Coleman   ·   29 January 2018


I ❤️ systemd: Running a splash screen, shutting down screens and an IoT product service with Python on Raspberry Pi

Systemd is fun! No really. Let me talk you through our process of running services for an IoT product on Raspberry Pi.

Melissa Coleman   ·   22 January 2018


Pushing my limits as a developer

At the end of the summer, I completed a ten-week internship at Made by Many. Before this I had mainly worked on my own side projects, either on my own or ...

Madeleine Linder   ·   23 November 2017


Takeaways from trying out Tachyons CSS after ages using BEM

Callum Jefferies   ·   13 October 2017


A Year of React Native: Styling Part 2

Sam Murray   ·   21 September 2017


Fun with Python

We've been having fun learning Python!

Kat Lynch   ·   18 September 2017


Why Software Developers Need Creativity

Five examples of ways I've been creative as a software development recently

Kat Lynch   ·   11 August 2017


Seven unbelievable hacks to make your site fly (Jeff Bezos hates this trick)

Eric George   ·   12 July 2017


What if AI is a failed dream?

Ilya Poropudas   ·   11 July 2017


How we do Mobile QA at Made by Many

Jamie Mayes   ·   15 June 2017


Swallow your developer’s pride and just do stuff

Doing things the wrong way to get the right result

Łukasz Sągol   ·   8 June 2017

Digital Transformation

Hello Mumbai!

I'm off to Mumbai in India next week with my colleague Sam Ripman to meet interesting businesses we might be able to work with. If you're based in Mumbai ...

Tim Malbon   ·   30 January 2019

Business Strategy

Innovation labs: best practice

The second volume of our report on innovation labs presents a broader collection of contemporary best-practice knowledge, gathered from our discussions wi...

Kevin Braddock   ·   16 November 2016

Business Strategy

Asking The Big Questions About Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are a hot topic in business at the moment – but what’s the best way to launch and run one? What are the biggest challenges to success, the...

Georgie Mack   ·   15 March 2016