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Designing for long-term success with a mental health app

How do you encourage users to keep logging their meals, calories and mindful minutes when the real result only shows in the long term?

Kristof Goossens  ·  10 April 2017

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Announcing Bloop: a free iPhone app for people with diabetes

Bloop is a new, more positive way of maintaining healthy control of diabetes.

Peter Parkes  ·  5 December 2016

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How I treated my own mental health problem and what tech can do to save the rest of us

Two years ago I experienced a short period of acute anxiety. To be specific it was Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that manifested itself in the form of Nega...

Sam Small  ·  7 September 2016

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On being confused and uninspired

And then finding clarity and inspiration. By Jack Mitchell

MxM interns LDN  ·  11 August 2016

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Thinking design and technology for people with diabetes

In previous posts we’ve described the background of our expedition into Telehealth, in particular the business implications. In this post I’ll talk about w...

Mike Walker  ·  28 June 2016

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Wrapping a telehealth service around diabetes care

In my previous post, I wrote about some exciting work we’ve been doing in the telehealth space. But before we reveal what we’ve been building, there’s more...

Georgie Mack  ·  7 June 2016

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Can we revolutionise Telehealth?

At Made by Many we passionately believe that design and technology can make a huge difference to people’s lives – especially in the sphere of health and we...

Georgie Mack  ·  10 May 2016

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More mHealth apps means more healthy – right?

Why mobile health apps alone aren’t the answer to the public health crisis – and what we can do about it.

Mike Walker  ·  29 April 2016

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Putting the “Well” Into Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing in the workplace: it's a nice idea, and no doubt something many others are talking about in the wake of World Mental Health day.For those of us l...

Georgie Mack  ·  19 October 2015

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Digital tools for tackling loneliness in a human way

A recent BBC survey has found that 4 million people in the UK expect to spend most of Christmas day alone. This isn't just a problem at this time of year. ...

Heather Taylor-Portmann  ·  19 December 2014

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The jewel in Jersey’s ageing crown: an inspiration for the UK?

When contemplating the huge challenges facing our healthcare system and the increasing amount of lonely and isolated elderly people in the UK, I end up in ...

Georgie Mack  ·  24 November 2014

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“The greatest social challenge of our time is an ageing population”

This is quite a heavy topic for my first Made by Many blog post. That unforgettable quote came from Royal Voluntary Service CEO, David McCullough during a ...

Georgie Mack  ·  21 July 2014