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Flipside: creating new pathways into digital careers

Traditional education is struggling to keep up with the demand for digital product design skills. We've been working together with partner agencies to offe...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  21 May 2018

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Misconceptions of the lone QA

Throughout my career as a quality assurance engineer (QA), I can honestly say that I have pretty much come across most of the misconceptions and myths that...

Jamie Mayes  路  29 January 2018

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Getting to grips with product design

As a digital designer, growing up in London, I have always been inspired by the power of design, and the influence it can have in changing behaviours.

Nadine Grant  路  4 October 2017

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Kaizen and minarai: Continuous improvement and the Made by Many summer internship

Continuous improvement happens on most things round here and the internship programme is no exception. Since 2012, Made by Many has opened its doors each s...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  21 August 2017

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A story about storytelling

How we do it at Made by Many, and what it鈥檚 done for me

Kevin Braddock  路  26 July 2017

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Digital Transformation

Redefining the employee experience

At Made by Many, we鈥檝e been building digital products and services for consumers for over a decade. However, rarely have we had the opportunity to create a...

Susan Lin  路  18 July 2017

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Introducing the Made by Many professional development programme

Made by Many has been practising digital product development for ten years (and more if you count our combined experience at previous companies). A common ...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  12 July 2017

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Calling all interns!

Summer in London is here again and that means it鈥檚 time for us to recruit this year鈥檚 team of interns. You鈥檒l have to be quick: applications open today and...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  8 June 2017

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Business Strategy

Seven reasons to plan less, make more and transform your business

Not so long ago Jason Fried of Basecamp published a small piece called 鈥淧lanning is Guessing鈥 鈥 you don鈥檛 need to read it to get his point. He's right, and...

Matt Williams  路  31 May 2017

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Business Strategy

How we co-locate on projects at Made by Many

At Made by Many we place a huge value on face-to-face contact with our clients. It improves productivity and helps build strong relationships 鈥 if it鈥檚 don...

Peter Parkes  路  25 May 2017

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Business Strategy

Unleashing customer magic: our upcoming workshop at The Digital Content Summit 2017

We鈥檙e excited to be running a very different type of workshop at the Digital Content Summit 2017 in London next Tuesday 23 May.

Tim Malbon  路  17 May 2017

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Breaking bubbles and building skills

Now more than ever, as we create the next generation of products and services that are lasting longer, reaching wider and impacting more lives - we need to...

Adam Morris  路  25 April 2017

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The 鈥渃ost鈥 of diverse teams

Diverse teams produce better results. But no one said this is without a cost.

Ilya Poropudas  路  11 April 2017

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Building a Human Company

On the cusp of our 10th year, Made by Many is more human than ever. A wonderful collection of misfits, eccentrics and oddballs is what makes us the company...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  4 January 2017

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Equal Pay and the levelling potential of digital

2016 has been a shocker of a year on the politico-econo-socio stage and it鈥檚 easy, especially in this unwelcome reality of Brexit-Trump-WTF-is-coming-next ...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  10 November 2016

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Maintaining culture while embedded

At Made by Many we believe in working extremely closely with our clients. So closely that our NYC studio regularly sends teams to work from within our clie...

Adam Brodowski  路  26 June 2015