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Misconceptions of the lone QA

Throughout my career as a quality assurance engineer (QA), I can honestly say that I have pretty much come across most of the misconceptions and myths that...

Jamie Mayes  路  29 January 2018

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Behind the scenes: User research on the road

People often ask about our research methodologies so I thought I'd give an insight into a recent experience when Peter and I spent 10 days on the road cond...

Tom White  路  8 December 2017

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Kaizen and minarai: Continuous improvement and the Made by Many summer internship

Continuous improvement happens on most things round here and the internship programme is no exception. Since 2012, Made by Many has opened its doors each s...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  21 August 2017

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How we do sprint planning at Made by Many

At Made by Many, sprint planning is a key ritual that the full core team attends on day one of a new sprint, especially during the Proof of concept and Go ...

Andrea Nagel  路  9 August 2017

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A story about storytelling

How we do it at Made by Many, and what it鈥檚 done for me

Kevin Braddock  路  26 July 2017

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How to run a sketch session

Sketching sessions can happen at any stage of a project, but we most typically use them in the first week (or day) of a project. They鈥檙e an effective way t...

Tom White  路  14 July 2017

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What we mean when we talk about 鈥楶roduct Feels鈥

鈥楶roduct Feels鈥 grab people by the heart and make them feel something every time they use a product.

Mike Walker  路  4 July 2017

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How we do Mobile QA at Made by Many

I鈥檝e been testing for over six years now. The early days were very much desktop-based QA, but as the uptake of mobile browsing and the demand for responsiv...

Jamie Mayes  路  15 June 2017

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Business Strategy

Seven reasons to plan less, make more and transform your business

Not so long ago Jason Fried of Basecamp published a small piece called 鈥淧lanning is Guessing鈥 鈥 you don鈥檛 need to read it to get his point. He's right, and...

Matt Williams  路  31 May 2017

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Business Strategy

How we co-locate on projects at Made by Many

At Made by Many we place a huge value on face-to-face contact with our clients. It improves productivity and helps build strong relationships 鈥 if it鈥檚 don...

Peter Parkes  路  25 May 2017

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Business Strategy

How we present a business case to a CEO at Made by Many

One of the key outputs of our vision and discovery service package is a business case. This blog post explains how we present this to a CEO and their team.

Peter Parkes  路  19 May 2017

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Business Strategy

Unleashing customer magic: our upcoming workshop at The Digital Content Summit 2017

We鈥檙e excited to be running a very different type of workshop at the Digital Content Summit 2017 in London next Tuesday 23 May.

Tim Malbon  路  17 May 2017

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The time travelling team: how to avoid failure before it聽happens

Things don鈥檛 always go to plan on projects. It comes with the territory when working in an adaptive, lean and nimble way.

Adam Morris  路  8 May 2017

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The evolution of client storytelling

This sounds like a grandiose claim but we鈥檝e never lived in a more 鈥榲isual鈥 way than we do now. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have completely ...

Alex Harding  路  21 April 2017

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Practicing presentations: How to free yourself from your words to present like a rock star

When one thinks of momentous music venues, Wrexham Central Station doesn鈥檛 immediately spring to mind. Not that there鈥檚 anything particularly wrong with th...

Sam Small  路  19 April 2017

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Three questions to ask yourself, before speaking to your聽users

It鈥檚 not enough to just tick the box of 鈥榯alking to users鈥 and think that doing so will mean we magically end up at the right product. We need to think cri...

Fiona McLaren  路  6 April 2017

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How to waste your customer鈥檚 time as well as your own

Quality customer research is the foundation to creating things people want to use 鈥 and potentially love to use. But it鈥檚 really easy to mess up this kind ...

Adam Morris  路  22 March 2017

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3 ways to get the most out of kid-centered research

鈥淵ou two look like Ant and Dec.鈥 A small finger prods at me through the air. 鈥淵ou鈥 are Ant.鈥滽nocked off balance I look to my colleague for reassurance, onl...

Adam Morris  路  15 December 2016