Business Strategy

What making can teach you that strategy can't

Digital goals are often best discovered, and achieved, through the process of making – not upfront strategic planning.

William Owen   ·   11 February 2019


How we do sprint planning at Made by Many

Andrea Nagel   ·   9 August 2017

Product Management

My top five product rules of thumb

One of the things I love about product is that it’s a discipline that’s still evolving—there’s a constant stream of new ideas on the best way to manage a ...

Joe Nixon   ·   27 April 2017


Three questions to ask yourself, before speaking to your users

It’s not enough to just tick the box of ‘talking to users’ and think that doing so will mean we magically end up at the right product. We need to think cr...

Fiona McLaren   ·   6 April 2017

Business Strategy

Why we’re not customer-centric any more

Customer-centricity is dangerously easy to buy. After all, who wouldn’t want to make things their customers want?

Peter Parkes   ·   3 August 2016

Business Strategy

Prototyping and the split-pea principle

For an industry obsessed by change it’s easy to think of prototyping as being a new thing, a fad, or a response to agile software development. It’s easy t...

Isaac Pinnock   ·   10 June 2016

Product Management

What is a product manager anyway?

I recently gave a talk at Front-end London to try to answer the question: “What the hell is a Product Manager anyway?”. The short answer is that we care a...

Fiona McLaren   ·   3 May 2016


On Becoming A User

Thinking about design with some help from Carl Rogers

Isaac Pinnock   ·   3 February 2016


If infinity is possible, anything is possible

A short overview of a trip to Malmo, Sweden where the Many attended this fantastic conference that blew their minds.

George Hulley   ·   23 September 2019

Business Strategy

Innovation labs: best practice

The second volume of our report on innovation labs presents a broader collection of contemporary best-practice knowledge, gathered from our discussions wi...

Kevin Braddock   ·   16 November 2016

Business Strategy

Asking the big questions about innovation labs

Innovation Labs are a hot topic in business at the moment — but what’s the best way to launch and run one? What are the biggest challenges to success, the...

Georgie Mack   ·   15 March 2016