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The level of risk that start-ups typically deal with – 9 out of 10 of them fail – isn’t acceptable in a corporate setting. Yet it’s never been more important for established organisations and companies to take risks and innovate. Made by Many’s process, built on 10 years of product design success, enables businesses to reduce and manage these risks; we test ideas until we’re confident they are worth investing in.

Making strategy real – and testable as fast as possible

We’ve developed a wide range of highly effective tools for understanding business and customer needs and bringing product ideas to life as customer experiences. Prototyping is a compelling, evidence-based way to bring the wider business into the product story. It’s a hands-on, learning-by-doing way to initiate and embed change.

Our focus at this stage is to define the scope of a candidate Minimal Viable Product (MVP), along with high level design of the system, technology and brand, as well as ensuring a good understanding of business and operational models with agreed KPIs and dependencies largely resolved.

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Starts with hypotheses. Rapidly delivers a validated product idea, impact study, technology architecture and roadmap.

Iterative concept development through experience prototyping

Iterative concept development through experience prototyping, insights and testing

End to end prototyping and development of operational workflow

End-to-end prototyping and development of operational workflow, tools and capabilities

Develop brand design

Develop brand design, technology approach, test capabilities and design the new operational model

Refine the business model agree kpis track dependencies and wrangle

Refine the business model, agree KPIs, track dependencies and wrangle

Deliver candidate minimal viable product

Delivers a validated product idea, technology architecture and roadmap

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Our customer-centred approach to promoting up-sell in flight booking was tested in high fidelity prototypes. The results were vital to Finnair's decision-making.

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We built a working prototype to prove that Hackaball was appealing to children, could be programmed by an app and manufactured at acceptable cost. Then we moved to Kickstarter...

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To test teachers’ motivations, we launched a bare bones pilot of Skype in the Classroom in just 6 weeks. Two years later it was a global phenomenon.

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Made by Many took us on a magical journey, inspired by the way teachers were hacking Skype to connect their classrooms. Together we grew it into an everyday learning tool that’s become a million times more successful than we could possibly have imagined, and became the ultimate manifestation of Skype’s soul

Gary Bramall, Global Senior Brand Director, Microsoft