Digital Transformation

2019 a year in review

In 2019 the world of digital transformation and innovation moved at a fast pace - here is our list of articles, news and other stuff that we found interes...

Andrew Lister   ·   15 January 2020


Made by Many Amsterdam

Made by Many announced on Monday 30th September 2019 that it is launching in Amsterdam. This expansion will serve to strengthen its offering to its large ...

Andrew Lister   ·   4 October 2019

Employee Experience

Keeping our promise to build kinder, fairer teams

We're celebrating National Inclusion Week by taking a look at how far we've come in our quest to be more diverse and inclusive.

Jo Daly   ·   26 September 2019


From technical debt to hacking your wedding dress — FEL talks of April and May

We’ve just released the latest batch of videos FEL talks from April and May. The talks cover a range of topics from usability testing to hacking hardware ...

Ilya Tulvio   ·   24 September 2019


If infinity is possible, anything is possible

A short overview of a trip to Malmo, Sweden where the Many attended this fantastic conference that blew their minds.

George Hulley   ·   23 September 2019

Data Science

CDO interview: The 3 steps to data science with Just Eat

The challenges of a Chief Data Officer and how to get the most out of data with Just Eat's CDO Alberto Rey Villaverde.

Eva Liparova   ·   17 September 2019


The five skills product designers need to create more impact

On the surface – strategy, communication, collaboration, facilitation and adaptability don’t sound like core skills of a product designer. To create impac...

Adam Morris   ·   2 September 2019


Define - first playback and sketching session

Beginning of Sprint 2—Define—for the Made by Many interns.

Wiktoria Wronska   ·   12 August 2019


Discover - Making Sense of Everything

The Interns cross the finishing line of their first sprint.

Jon Williams   ·   9 August 2019


Discover - Understanding the Problem

Reflections on starting our first sprint as 2019 Interns at Made by Many.

Anna B   ·   6 August 2019


Introduction Week - Becoming One of The Many

Reflections on our first week as the 2019 Made by Many Interns.

Wiktoria Wronska   ·   1 August 2019

Data Science

CDO Interview: Explaining the art of the possible with

Thoughts on the role of a Chief Data Officer and how to make data work with's CDO Piers Stobbs.

Eva Liparova   ·   18 July 2019

Data Science

Why product-driven data science is the only kind of data science

Getting the most from data science within a product team set up, from a data scientist.

David Foster   ·   18 July 2019

Data Science

Designing with data: A guide to user-centred, data-driven products

Data is often used to report inside the business, rarely to build new innovative products that drive customer value. Let's start 'making' products with th...

Kristof Goossens   ·   18 July 2019


Mid- to Senior Software Engineer

We're looking for a Software Engineer to join our growing team.

Rosie Gollancz   ·   16 July 2019


Getting feedback right

Launching Made by Many's new feedback process by exploring the flaws in current feedback behaviour

Jo Daly   ·   1 July 2019

Business Strategy

New tools can break down cultural barriers to change

Tools embody working practices. New tools can disrupt working patterns and foster practices that overcome organisational inertia caused by routine and ing...

William Owen   ·   25 June 2019


Hiring future QA talent

Made by Many are going through a phase of growth and the number of projects we have meant that continuing as the lone QA was no longer an option. Because ...

Jamie Mayes   ·   13 June 2019


If infinity is possible, anything is possible

A short overview of a trip to Malmo, Sweden where the Many attended this fantastic conference that blew their minds.

George Hulley   ·   23 September 2019

Business Strategy

Innovation labs: best practice

The second volume of our report on innovation labs presents a broader collection of contemporary best-practice knowledge, gathered from our discussions wi...

Kevin Braddock   ·   16 November 2016

Business Strategy

Asking the big questions about innovation labs

Innovation Labs are a hot topic in business at the moment — but what’s the best way to launch and run one? What are the biggest challenges to success, the...

Georgie Mack   ·   15 March 2016