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Employee Experience

Find your passion and other lies we tell

As part of our series on Employee Experience we explore what really makes someone stick with their job.

Micha Nicheva   ·   9 May 2019

Employee Experience

Society has changed, our expectations haven’t

As part of our series on Employee Experience we look at the ways society has changed and what impact that has on those joining the workforce today.

Charlie Rowat   ·   9 May 2019

Employee Experience

The Gig Delusion

As part of our series on Employee Experience we explore the myths and truth of the gig economy.

Charlie Rowat   ·   9 May 2019

Employee Experience

The danger of tribalism at work

As part of our series on Employee Experience we look at culture, cliques and tribes in the workplace.

Micha Nicheva   ·   9 May 2019

Employee Experience

Are you responsible for making your employees happy?

As part of our series on Employee Experience we ask what it means to be happy at work.

Charlie Rowat   ·   9 May 2019


2019 Summer internship

Neethu Mathew   ·   24 April 2019

Creating opportunities for upcoming talent

(An edited version of this article originally appeared in City AM)

Neethu Mathew   ·   15 April 2019


JS templates, mocking, and the evolution of video on the web at Front-end London

At the latest FEL meet-up we learned how to use JS templates, what’s new and coming for video on the web, and how to make mocking easy. Watch the talks no...

Ilya Tulvio   ·   2 April 2019


New SXSW, same old app

The tang of BBQ is still fresh in my nostrils, and I can still feel the wind blowing through my hair from whizzing around Austin’s streets on an electric ...

Isaac Pinnock   ·   20 March 2019


How to make good technology choices

There are six of us sitting around the table: on my left is my boss, the CTO, and on his left his boss, one of our founding partners. Across from us sits ...

Ilya Tulvio   ·   19 March 2019


Where has the force gone?

If the history of the web is all the Star Wars films, are we currently in the shit second trilogy?

Isaac Pinnock   ·   14 March 2019


Talking about design systems at Front-end London

February’s FEL featured not one but two talks on design systems: how to create a design system to unify your team, and how to surmount the challenges of i...

Ilya Tulvio   ·   11 March 2019


What is design, anyway?

As the baton of design leadership at Made by Many passes onto a new generation, the moment has given me pause for reflection. What does it mean to be a de...

Isaac Pinnock   ·   26 February 2019

Business Strategy

How to use prototyping to bust through the constraints of the business model

Businesses rarely know upfront what they need to succeed in digital: the best way to learn is through prototyping.

William Owen   ·   21 February 2019

What is a digital product, anyway?

And why should we care? This is a jargon-free guide to digital products, how they work, why they matter and what they do for customers and business.

William Owen   ·   19 February 2019

Smart homes, chatbots and load testing at Front-End London

The latest FEL meetup saw lightbulb moments, a chatbot built in Flow, and a smart burglar alarm.

Julian March   ·   18 February 2019

Business Strategy

“Build or Buy” is the wrong question: What would FAANG* do?

Should you shape your company to a piece of software, or shape the software to your company?

Charlie Rowat   ·   14 February 2019

Business Strategy

What making can teach you that strategy can't

Digital goals are often best discovered, and achieved, through the process of making – not upfront strategic planning.

William Owen   ·   11 February 2019

Business Strategy

Innovation labs: best practice

The second volume of our report on innovation labs presents a broader collection of contemporary best-practice knowledge, gathered from our discussions wi...

Kevin Braddock   ·   16 November 2016

Business Strategy

Asking the big questions about innovation labs

Innovation Labs are a hot topic in business at the moment — but what’s the best way to launch and run one? What are the biggest challenges to success, the...

Georgie Mack   ·   15 March 2016