Wow. So as many of you will know for the past two months we've been collaborating with Good for Nothing on the 50/50 campaign to raise £1million for East African famine aid. 

Our goal: launch 50 web based fundraising projects in 50 days in time for UN World Food Day. And where are we at? Well, 49 days in, with WFD tomorrow we've got 46 projects from 8 countries officially involved, and in the past few days we've been contacted by people with 5 more fantastic ideas. 


This is a massive achievement. 50/50 is a collaborative experiment, taken on by agencies, individuals and makers in their spare time and for free.  We are totally awed by the incredible network of committed and creative people that has emerged. None of this would have been possible without them.

It feels like a new approach to fundraising. A true child of the internet where a bunch of people, many who have never met, are working together across the globe to develop a rapid response to this crisis. 50/50 projects are experiential, participatory and let their supporters do more with their online influence than just mindlessly *like* brands. 
Would any of this have been possible in the old model approach to fundraising? If even one of these projects takes off in a big way it could raise £1million on its own. Together they have so much potential.
So now's the time to place your bets. Check out the projects on the site and find the one that suits you.  Do it, donate to it, spread it. Can't stop fucking swearing - then how about the Twitter SwearJar (there are actually two of these so why not double the goddamn worth of your tweets?). Just got the new iPhone 4S? You can donate your old phone to Phone2Food - it will be recycled AND the buyback funds will be donated to UNICEF. Been a bit naughty lately? You can balance out your karma by donating for every bad deed with the Karma Equalizer
In the spirit of 50/50 and the hacking approach, not every project will be live by tomorrow. Of the ones launching soon, I'm especially excited about ChainFunder because it feels like something my mum could do and the bonkers but brilliant Celerbrity Leftovers which promises to flog Cliff Richard's leftover tagliatelle cast in resin to the highest bidder.
These are just a few of my favourites but there really is something for everyone amongst these awe-inspiring projects.
So now go on, back a project. Help us take it to the next level and make this the new digital Live Aid.
Cath Richardson

Cath Richardson

From ancient Greek heroes to digital communities, Cath is fascinated by people and what makes them tick. At Made by Many, she works on strategy, project management and service planning. She is particularly interested in the intersection between sustainability, technology and human behaviour.