In 2019 the world of digital transformation and innovation moved at a fast pace - here is our list of articles, news and other stuff that we found interesting, and we think you might too.

  • Forbes charted the rise of some of today’s digital transformation winners, as global giants like Target and Walmart stepped up their transformation efforts, recognising digital strength as a prerequisite for today’s corporates.

  • Elsewhere, however, a Wipro survey found that a staggering 75% of companies have only achieved moderate impact from their transformations - if you’re one of these and looking to reawaken your zombie transformation then read our tip sheet.

  • BCG shared their five rules of digital strategy, advising companies to ‘place big bets.’ Meanwhile, there was growing acknowledgement that the world of strategy consulting is under pressure, with The Economist noting the growing demand for ‘consultants to provide and install products, including new technologies’ rather than just provide strategic advice - sounds good to us!

  • Harvard Business Review shared five lessons on the people side of digital transformation, with an emphasis on customer experience, digital culture and employee needs - all crucial ingredients.

  • 18F, part of the Technology Transformation Services team at the General Services Administration, produced this tour de force report into software design principles, using their insight from the world of US government technology.

  • We also read some great books:
  • Tom Goodwin’s ‘Digital Darwinism’ is a brilliant guide for business leaders trying to make sense of today’s turbulent digital times,
  • Mark Schwartz’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ makes the case for agile technology leadership at the highest levels in business, while
  • Gerald Kane’s ‘The Technology Fallacy’ is a deep dive into the people side of digital change. All deserve special mention for those seeking to understand technology in business today.

  • And, just in case all of this transformation discussion is getting confusing…

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