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Whatever people say it is, gameification isn't about games. Mind you, enough people are saying it's not about games already. So I'll tell you what gam...

A lot of the mechanics of the gameification idea are based around appointment dynamics, gifts, ratings and rewards. A lot of these are such basic methods of interacting with visitors that is clear to see why game designers look at gameification as something very alien to their work.

That said, Community Building on the Web is a very good book. Whilst plenty of the tips may seem out of date or obvious, they are lasting lessons that seem to have been forgotten, or reinvented. It's an expensive book, I believe there are PDF copies for sale too, but it'll give you a deeper understanding of adding greater interactivity to your ideas.

Duncan Gough

Duncan Gough

Duncan is a Creative Technologist with a particular passion for gaming. He is a co-founder and CTO of GameLayers, a games company based in San Francisco, where he co-created a passively multiplayer game called The Nethernet.