Innovation Labs are a hot topic in business at the moment — but what’s the best way to launch and run one? What are the biggest challenges to success, the best practices, and the key measurement metrics? We ask these questions because at present, nobody seems to have the same answer.

Here at Made by Many we’ve been looking into innovation labs in the last few months, and we’ve compiled our findings into a new report which we publish today (get a copy by filling your name and email in the form below). Some of the findings might be surprising, and perhaps quite challenging too: we found that the innovation lab model often promises a lot without delivering quite so much in terms of tangible success. How should success for these entities be defined?

We’re as keen as anyone to see innovation labs make a real difference, from both user and business perspectives, and that’s why over the coming weeks and months we’ll be steering the conversation towards defining best practice in this area.

This is the first of two volumes — read the second volume.

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