We're looking for a bright-eyed, sharp, and passionate design intern to join us at Made by Many in New York.

Design at Made by Many means working closely with clients throughout the life of a project, championing design, collaborating with developers. Co-designing with users to rapidly prototype ideas, test them, break them, and continuously make them better - all the way through to releasing a product into the world.

For your internship you'll be paired with an engineering intern to tackle a new product brief. Together you'll be using the methods we use at Made by Many to test ideas with potential customers using techniques such as sketching sessions, rapid iterative wireframing, and prototyping to create the right product. You'll work together to take these ideas into an end product, with the support and guidance of the team at Made by Many New York.

As an intern at MxM NY you'll be walking into a new, thriving and vibrant studio where you'll have a hand in how our culture develops and grows. It's an amazing opportunity to be a part of a successful start up and learn how innovative products and services are created.

We're looking for an intern to start roughly around the end of May. And like all good internships you'll be paid!

If you...

  • have a keen eye for design
  • are regularly downloading and playing with new apps
  • are excited to realize ideas quickly and brutally test your concept in the real world
  • are prepared to refine an idea continually
  • like working along side developers and strategists
  • start designing on paper and jump to digital to prototype
  • want to work in an open highly collaborative studio

... then this might be right job for you.

If you don't fit this entire list, but want to gain experience in an area, contact us we'd love to hear what you want to be doing.

Apply here

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