Made by Many, in partnership with Ascential, the parent company of the Cannes Lions Festival, has launched a digital database of inspirational advertising (and the people, agencies and brands behind it) representing decades of creative work submitted to the Festival and providing a year-round revenue stream for Cannes Lions.

Branded ‘The Work’ and available at, the product was launched at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival in June, and in its first week attracted over 30,000 registered users. The Work will be available as a paid subscription service for marketing professionals from the global advertising industry and the brands they work for.

The Work leverages the vast wealth of creative work that Cannes Lions recognises, transforming creative history into a powerful tool that inspires; it offers intuitive ways to search over 200,000 campaigns, curated collections, and spotlights the work of individual creatives, brands and agencies.

A global holding company has already signed up as a user across its entire agency network. The significant impact for the Ascential Group will be the new year-round revenue stream that The Work creates for Cannes Lions, and another successful step towards its ambition of becoming a digital business intelligence provider.

Here’s a short video we made at the launch in Cannes:

I think MxM are a phenomenal product design, engineering and product management company. You bring a set of capabilities that allow us as a customer to go faster and validate quicker than often we can do ourselves.

Sean O’Connell, Chief Digital Officer, Ascential

We think we’re creating a new business that has a real latent need in the market…the whole process is insight driven, end-to-end. We’ve been able to evidence every stage of the journey: why we’ve made certain decisions, what’s in the product, what’s equally importantly not in the product, based on what the customers have been telling us.

Paul Coxhill, Managing Director, Digital Ventures, Ascential Events

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