The Interns cross the finishing line of their first sprint.

Over the course of week 3, we gathered all the valuable information from the interviews in the previous week and tried to make sense of it all. We quickly found out that lots of post-it notes = lots of confusion! To combat this, we extracted any important or interesting points and grouped them into themes. We were then able to attach these themes to problem areas on a process map of Predictiv’s service. By identifying these areas we could provoke conversation with Predictiv about things that could be improved and challenges that we could tackle.

What we did

Synthesis of our research. We read through all our notes from the interviews, pulled out any interesting points and put them on to post it notes. We then arranged these into common themes to try and make sense of all the information.

Process Mapping. One part of the problem that we felt was very important to understand was Predicitv’s process, step by step, from end to end. We first drew out all the information we could about it from the interviews and then had a session with the client to work out if it was correct and change things around.

Created insights. After grouping our key points into themes, we then created insights into what we believed were the biggest problem areas. These were then turned into opportunities for us to solve.

What we learnt

Getting everyone on the same page with something visual. Mapping out the process with the client and getting everyone to agree on it was very helpful to clear up any misunderstandings.

How to turn insights into opportunities. By learning how to flip statements around we found we could create opportunities that opened up the problem area for more ideas. This included posing insights as “How might we...?” questions which could act as prompts for idea generation.

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