We’ve just released the latest batch of videos FEL talks from April and May. The talks cover a range of topics from usability testing to hacking hardware to good commit messages to when it’s okay not to worry about technical debt.

Hosted by Made by Many every last Thursday of the month Front-end London (FEL) brings together a diverse crowd of people passionate about design, development and all things Web.

April’s talks

Luke Jackson made the case for when you shouldn’t build a full-fledged app.

Jo Franchetti amazed the audience by sharing her experiences with building a connected device — her wedding dress.

Calum Ryan talked about the importance of usability testing.

May’s talks

Alex Warren talked about the origins of the term ‘technical debt’ and examined when it is appropriate to take it on (and when you shouldn’t).

Joel Chippindale presented the case for writing deliberate commit messages. Not only will it make your codebase easier to understand, it’ll also improve how you write code.

Laurence Grinyer discussed how design touches every part of business, and how large organisations can combat this fragmentation for the benefit of everyone.

Front-end London is a free monthly meet-up hosted by Made By Many about front-end development and design. Stay tuned either on our website or Twitter (@frontendlondon) for news of the next event. We’re always looking for new speakers and talks — if you have an idea for a talk, do email [email protected].

Our entire archive — with over 70 talks — can watched on the Front-end London channel.

Ilya Tulvio

Ilya Tulvio Technology Director

Ilya was tech director at Made by Many and believes in the potential for technology to empower and liberate. He started his first company as a teenager and studied computer science at university (only to drop out to run a software agency). He has worked as a cruise ship cleaner, a journalist and a web developer. His most dubious claim to fame is that he founded the first Finnish weblog.


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