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Launching today, the Hackers! newspaper is an exciting new idea aimed at doing things you're not supposed to do. A quarterly paper edited by Leila Johns...

Whilst print is meant to be dead, these kind of short-run magazines might just prosper when every piece of breaking news has moved online, allowing the real analog, offline style of journalism to find its home in foldable, shareable newspapers. I was fortunate to spent a couple of days discussing hyper-local news with Mark Stone recently, and the Hackers papers draws some lines between cultural journalism and zines, the self-made, independent publications celebrated by events like the London Zine Symposium.

Says Leila:

Why Hackers? I kept seeing this very fresh, very motivated creativity everywhere, individuals quietly looking for possibilities to subvert and improve given systems and technologies with their ideas and refusing to accept that it can’t be done. There was a shared attitude, but no single place to go to find it all. So I felt there was a gap for a new publication, respectfully and professionally produced, but made in the spirit of hacking rather than simply reporting on it. Hacking now has many meanings - it’s as much about ingenious problem-solving as it is about mischief, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Elsewhere, Leila has recently written about hackers-turned-good for WIRED UK and previously created All The Rage, described as a free, funny magazine for unusual people.

Hackers Newspaper - Decimal Watch Design Prototype

Hackers! is a Newspaper Club project, and I've been lucky enough to have worked on some of the content for the launch issue. There's a limited number of copies available, so the best advice is to contact the editor order a copy here in order to get hold of a copy.

Duncan Gough

Duncan Gough

Duncan is a Creative Technologist with a particular passion for gaming. He is a co-founder and CTO of GameLayers, a games company based in San Francisco, where he co-created a passively multiplayer game called The Nethernet.