The second volume of our report on innovation labs presents a broader collection of contemporary best-practice knowledge, gathered from our discussions with people who’ve been at the sharp end of this fast-evolving business sector.

The volume also includes an essay outlining our own experiences in the field, and a series of experiments which, we believe, would enable anyone running an innovation lab to learn a huge amount in a short space of time.

Innovation labs remain a hot topic in business, and in the course of compiling this report we’ve discovered plenty of valuable insights and data: we’ve found our where the blockers to innovation are, what innovation lab talent looks like (and how to manage it), how to integrate with the sponsor organisation, and why innovation labs are to business what sci-fi is to literature. Above all, and perhaps most valuably, we’ve defined the key reasons why innovation labs fail… and what to do about it.

As with our last volume we present this in the spirit of enquiry and knowledge-sharing. After all, a hard-and-fast formula for running an innovation lab which can successfully scale products has yet to be defined, but we believe this report will bring it one step closer.

Download it by filling in the form below, and get in contact with us if you have thoughts or experiences to share, or want to know more about our work in innovation.

This is the second of two volumes – read the first volume.

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