A few years ago, practicing 'Lean Startup' could be a lonely place to inhabit. We were first introduced to Lean Startup at SXSW 2010 and it gave the necessary structure to our experiments in combining Agile Development and Design Thinking. When MxM started using LS techniques it was still a small community. This included Salim Virani with LeanCamp, who was and is one of the smartest thinkers in product and as much as anyone for the Lean community in London. And around that time Jeff Gothelf gave what is, in my opinion, the best distillation of thinking in Lean applied to the design process with his presentation "Getting out of the Deliverables Business". These people, along with many others, have made an exciting time to learn and practice in this industry. In the last 4 years the art of product development has taken massive steps forward and changed government, businesses and charities. We would now love to take some time to talk about the great Lean Startup stories coming out of London.

That's why we at Made by Many are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Neo onLean Day London on March 25-26th. I'm also excited like a fanboy to be working with Jeff Gothelf, who wrote the book on LeanUX.

Neo are great people to work with on this and our beliefs are based on a deep purpose. We both believe in a world where product development is driven by a evidence based philosophy; that the customer determines the true value a product will deliver. We are both against product development guided by ego, tradition and industry speculation. Neo are true believers and are doing exceptional things at the coal-face of Lean Product Development across the world.

So with Lean Day London we want bring some of the best Lean Startup product development to a London stage. And what an awesome stage we got. I'm excited the LDL is going to be held at LSO St Lukes, a brilliant converted church in Shoreditch. We have a day of workshops with some of the best consultants from Neo and Made by Many to learn practical hands-on techniques. And then a day of some of the best practioners on new ways of product development. We have stories from the Government Digital Service, media companies the BBC and Hearst, startups Intercom, Github and Spotify as well as Lean thinkers such as Farrah Bostic and Dr. Tendayi Viki.

We are going to be posting more on the speakers and content as the conference approaches but for now head on over to theLDL website and check out some tickets. Talk to your colleagues, talk to your boss. You don't want to miss this conference. We believe this will be both a celebration and path forward of what Lean has meant to London and the UK.

Oh and because its you and you read all the way to the end, use the promo code "madebyfriendly" to get 20% off tickets!

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