Made by Many announced on Monday 30th September 2019 that it is launching in Amsterdam. This expansion will serve to strengthen its offering to its large European client base; better connect with the international companies headquartered in Amsterdam; and develop a strong base in continental Europe.

The new office will enable Made by Many to further strengthen their offering to its large European client base, and capitalise on the opportunity in The Netherlands

Led by two senior employees in product management and design from the Made by Many team, who are relocating to Amsterdam: John Adams and Alex Harding. Made by Many hopes to expand quickly, and will be looking to recruit new talent in The Netherlands.

The choice for Amsterdam was a logical one, says Tim Malbon, Founding Partner of Made by Many: “Now is the time for us to expand. We see huge opportunity in Europe, and a large proportion of our clients are based on the continent. Amsterdam is a logical choice: There are many large head offices of progressive and innovative companies in Amsterdam. And because of the open culture of the city and the country, we can reach the rest of Europe easily from here.”

Speaking about the global goals of Made by Many, Tim Malbon added, “Putting digital at the core of the business is an imperative for most large organisations, but there are so many obstacles to doing this successfully. We’ve built a great track record serving global corporate clients from London, and we believe a presence in Amsterdam will increase our reach, provide a more credible base from which to successfully serve our European clients, and mitigate any risk posed by Brexit.”

Since its launch in 2007, Made by Many had led the digital transformation of wide variety of multinational clients. Made by Many combines technology, product design and strategy in working on the digital transformation of large organisations.

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