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Made by Many is partnering with ethical innovators Good for Nothing in a rapid and collaborative response to the East Africa crisis. One child is dying eve...

Good for Nothing have already started mobilising their network of thinkers and doers, and we have assembled an army of volunteers from Made by Many to donate their time and experience to build something that will help to amplify their efforts. 

With the Good for Nothing Hack Weekend scheduled for the 13th, we now have just nine days to come up with a digital money-raising solution. To get things moving quickly, we have decided to try and counter the huge shortfall of donations using the greatest tools at our disposal: the brain power of our vast, talented network, and our own skills as makers and community-builders. And we count you all in that network, so please step in and get involved.

We need your ideas 

The first phase is already underway. We have set up a service to harvest all the great ideas for money-raising mechanisms dreamed up by our network (again, for speed, we've based this on one of our existing projects). Quick and very easy to use, "Good by Ideas" opens up the process to everyone, and is moderated by public voting. All we need are ideas, and you can log in and post them immediately, here: http://good.byideas.co.uk.


Keep an eye on http://www.goodfornothing.co/ over the coming days for information about the Hack Weekend and how you can get involved.


Next week we will move on to phase two: working up a couple of the best suggestions over a series of evening workshops, and hopefully building a prototype. Watch this space for more news, and please tweet and contribute to good by ideas, we're going with #famineaid

Charlotte Hillenbrand

Charlotte Hillenbrand

Charlotte heads up Learning and Development at Made by Many. She is interested in Learning Organisations and the role they play in digital transformation, growing talent and happiness at work. She's responsible for delivering our Professional Development programme and learning initiatives.

With a digital career as old as Youtube, Charlotte has worked with clients from the media, entertainment, culture, sport, automotive, FMCG and charity sectors. Previously, she worked in book publishing and the business behind product design and repackaging.

In real life, she bears no resemblance to Charles II but she does have big hair.