Check out all the cool things that are on our radar this week without having to hack our inboxes. This week we're discussing what it means to be a responsible member of the tech community, getting locked in rooms for fun, handling medical artefacts and eating more tofu than usual.

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What are we doing to become better workers/human beings?

We're getting our kids to join the awesome Summer Reading Challenge, it's free for 4-11 year olds. Those of us who don't have kids are going to use this as an excuse to read this great collection of Dear Sugar columns.

ICA Quickfire: Censoring Social Media - We're going to the Institute of Contemporary Arts to discuss the role of digital communication in artist communities in times of civil conflict.

London Hardware Collective - We're hosting the fourth London Hardware Collective meet-up next week. Join us for some short talks from entrepreneurs involved in hardware design and manufacturing.

Which articles are causing a stir in our office?

Who You Calling a Techie? by Leah Reich - "Tech people like to say, “We’re changing the world!” How uneasy do we need to get before we think about how?"

Do less - Problems as shared spaces by Ben Holliday - A reminder to remove features that don't meet user needs.

Why You Hate Work by Tony Shwartz & Christine Porath - Why employers need to take up the challenge of becoming human-centred organisations.

The Internet Doesn't Love Anything by Matthew J.X. Malady - Given how terrible we all are it's a wonder the Internet isn't so much worse.

10 Simple Words Every Girl Should Learn by Soraya Chemaly - Some wise words that both girls and boys should use when they encounter sexism.

What's on at the cinema?

Mistaken For Strangers- Even if you aren't a fan of The National, this documentary about the band's lead singer and his younger brother will delight you with its self-deprecating humour.

A Threat to Internet Freedom - How the new rules proposed by the F.C.C. could violate the central concept of net neutrality.

The Men Who Made Us Spend - This compelling three part BBC documentary explores the fears we've always had about consumer culture.

How are we entertaining ourselves?

HintHunt - Get locked in a room with 3-5 friends, find keys and clues and solve puzzles to escape within an hour. One of us set a new record last week!

Space Time: The Future - The Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge is putting on a day festival on August 30th focusing on women in experimental music and art.

What kind of art and design are we stroking our chins to?

An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition - We made our way to the Wellcome Collection this week to discover their wonderful collection of medical objects and art.

Tove Jansson: Tales from the Nordic Archipelago - Have you got a thing for The Moomins? This new exhibition at the ICA reveals the secret life of this prolific Finnish writer.

Ram Place Fashion Market - Shows, workshops and talks from London's emerging fashion design talent from July 12-20th, curated by the Barbican.

What about sports?

Does Mick Jagger curse football teams with his presence? - This goes well with all the Germany-Brazil memes that have been spawned on the Internet.

What are we eating this week?

This week we trialled our first office #MeatFreeMonday and made veggie summer rolls. And our weekly company breakfast was vegan! Here are a few tips on how to make a vegan meal feel filling and satisfying.

And today we're wolfing down plates of pie and mash, followed by trifle and Eton mess at our Supper Club!

Zofia Ciechowska

Zofia Ciechowska

Keep away from children and fire.


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