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Check out all the good stuff that we're talking about at the Made by Many offices. This week we're into: saying goodbye to storytelling, trusting instincts vs. data in design, being inspired by scarcity and never, ever doing squats and lunges again.

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What are we doing to become better workers/human beings?

We're heading down to the Unusual Suspects Festival in September. It's a four day fest of ideas, solutions and debate exploring what happens when Social Innovation meets Collaboration.

Some of us are members of Ada's List. Awesome journalist Ann Friedman is joining us for our monthly coffee meet-up on the 29th. We are giddy with excitement.

Which articles are causing a stir in our office?

You are not a storyteller by Stefan Sagmeister. A fantastically frank take on the design world's obsession with storytelling.

Healthcare's digital future. This hefty piece of research by McKinsey explains what's on the cards for healthcare and digital.

Should designers trust their instincts or the data? by Braden Kowitz. A nice piece about how instinct in design depends on how well you can observe the world around you.

Why Airbnb doesn't need a brand story by Rob Mitchell. Why we've had enough of brand stories masquerading as strategy.

How I validated a niche idea for $32.19 with Facebook ads by Ryan Nystrom. We'd be interested in riffing on this idea.

Why do Americans stink at math? by Elizabeth Green. A in-depth investigation as to why mathematics teaching has failed in the US and what needs to be done to fix it.

Iconic Houses by Matteo Muci. A two minute voyage through some of the most iconic masterpieces of modern architecture.

What's on at the cinema?

Richard Linklater's Boyhood follows a boy's life from the ages of six to 18, shooting periodically over 12 years. Catch this film at the ICA, where the cinema is now completely ad-free.

How are we entertaining ourselves?

The Serpentine Gallery's Park Nights have kicked off and will be running until October. Expect wonderful musical performances, lectures, film projections and interactive installations.

We're bombarding each other with Japanese emojis on Slack. Here's a treasure trove of kaomojis that range from table flips to sea creatures. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

What kind of art and design are we stroking our chins to?

If you happen to be in Rotterdam this August, check out the Designing Scarcity exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut. Learn how shortages actually improve creativity.

What about sports?

The Many had their second fitness session as part of our Alternative Wednesdays programme. Alexos made us do many, many squats and lunges which means that some of us have very painful thighs this morning. If you want to feel our pain, here's a guide to doing a wall sit.

What are we eating this week?

In the spirit of continuing our effort to be more meat-free, we found this awesome blog called Guac and Roll that tells you how it's done without being too preachy.

Zofia Ciechowska

Zofia Ciechowska

Keep away from children and fire.


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