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Toot toot! Picle 1.0.3 is in the app store. It isn't the overhauled socially integrated version that I wrote about previously, but it does include somethin...

To convert your Picles into MP4, create your Picle or story and then tap edit in the top right hand corner.

Then tap the share button in the bottom left.

This will bring up your options, then tap make into movie. 


Then just tap to save it to your camera roll. 

Once tapped you will be notified that the movie is now in your camera roll. 

From the Camera Roll open up the movie and tap on the share options and you can Email, Message or Send to YouTube. 

And here is my first Picle as a YouTube video. 

We are working on a more seamless sharing experience for a later release, but for now we have managed to create a new feature that users really wanted. We really hope that you enjoy using this new feature and as ever please do let us know  if you have any feedback or feature requests. 

Will Roissetter

Will Roissetter

Interested in disruptive technology, the arts, Brazil's team of 1970 and using digital for good. Mumbling and bumbling on both @madebymany & @wroissetter.