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We launched Picle (currently only for iPhone) at SXSW back in March for this year's South by South West Interactive. Picle adds sound to iPhone photography, allowing you to capture a little audio clip when you take a photo. This photo-plus-sound clip is called a 'Picle', and the app makes it quick and simple to lace individual Picles together into 'Stories'. We are coming to the end of the first version of Picle and we are currently working on version 2.0. 

Will has been blogging about our Lean development of Picle since launch. Part of that development has been user testing, feedback and interviews. Another part of it is observing how users have been using Picle, which has been fascinating for us. 

Watching and listening people's lives through their sights and sounds is quite a powerful experience, it's like stepping into a completely new storytelling ecosystem. One minute you will be watching a family birthday in Israel, the next you will be at an NBA playoff game. To give you an idea of what that is like and to share with you all what we have been experiencing I put together this montage of Picles from around the world. 

It's a great feeling to see people from all over the world use something that you have made.

Anyway, check out the video and let us know what you think of it, enjoy :)