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The latest FEL meetup saw lightbulb moments, a chatbot built in Flow, and a smart burglar alarm.

Last week Made by Many hosted the latest meeting for Front-end London (FEL) where it was all about taking Javascript into the home, web components for flow-based IDEs, and load testing.

Katie Koschland is currently a junior engineer at the FT, and she shared a case study of how they identify performance issues, together with an insight into the tools and techniques they use to do it.

Next up was Jonathan Fielding, a Senior Software Engineer at Snyk, and an expert in Javascript. He showed us how Javascript can be used in the home to automate everyday tasks, from creating a light show to activating the burglar alarm.

And finally, Sean M. Tracey showed us Node-RED, a flow-based IDE, which was originally designed for the Internet of Things, which can do so much more — chatbot magic even.

::Front-end London is a free monthly meet-up hosted by Made By Many about front-end development and design. Stay tuned either on site or on Twitter for news of the next event. If you'd like to present, email [email protected]

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