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At the start of this week the Many went on an adventure to Essex to climb ladders, shoot arrows at each other and reflect on the past year. We also discussed collaborative user testing, unconscious bias in the workplace and the future of work. We concluded the week by LOL'ing at illustrated Twitter typos and eating our collective bodyweight in Tayyabs curry.

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What are we doing to become better workers/human beings?

Our first Small Talks are happening on October 16! We're so excited to have Jessi Baker, Ben Barker and Peter Bi'lak come and speak to us about their experiences of making useful things for people. Keep an eye out for extra tickets over the next few days if you don't have one.

Grayson Perry will be in conversation with Miranda Sawyer about THE GREAT WHILE MALE on October 13.

Which articles are causing a stir in our office?

Frameworks for understanding the future of work. 5 working papers about different disruptions that will affect the workplace.

Collaborative user testing: less bias, better research. How objective are your findings from user testing?

Nobel Prize in medicine is awarded to three who discovered brain's 'inner GPS'. We fucking love science, yeah.

Etsy's trying to fix tech's women problem. Why aren't you? Ann Friedman explains why it's time to throw out the hoodie-wearing boy genius and build a new archetype.

Reactions > feedback. Basically reactions are hard to fake, feedback is hard to give. Useful to remember when testing with users.

This talk on unconscious bias from Google Ventures is a must view for everyone in your company if you want to learn how to prevent it from negatively impacting your decision making.

Caroline Drucker's talk 'I'm a feminist and so can you!' at Nordic.js 2014 is awesome.

We're amazed by the world's oldest artwork discovered in Indonesia. It's like 40,000 years old. Like wtf!

We want to help save the iconic Bethnal Green gas holders. Sign here.

What's on at the cinema?

David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars is a cruel satire of Hollywood. Brilliant performances from Julianne Moore and Mia Wasikowska.

We're giddy with excitement that Twin Peaks will be back on our screens in 2016.

This is a short documentary about the mothers evicted from the Focus E15 hostel who occupied the Carpenter Estate in Stratford in a fight to stay in London and demand housing for all.

How are we entertaining ourselves?

We wept with glee when Illustrated Twitter Typos made the rounds on the main MxM Slack channel this week.

We may be planning a spooky Halloween outing to the London Transport Museum.

Patti Smith has announced a Horses world tour for the 40th anniversary of her iconic album. Oh god oh god oh god.

What kind of art and design are we stroking our chins to?

The ICA are hosting an off-site at The Old Selfridges Hotel this week to coincide with Frieze London. Encompassing performance, music, art, dance and discussion, the programme features Isabel Lewis, Korakrit Arunanondchai with boychild and AJGvojic, NTS Radio, Siobhan Davies Dance and Rhizome.

What about sports?

We had an away day this past week which meant we had to climb a lot of ladders and shoot arrows at each other. No casualties to report. Intense bonding was achieved.

What are we eating this week?

We ate mounds of sizzling mixed grill, peshwari naan and baby pumpkin at our favourite curry house, TAYYABS. Fuck-to-the-YES.

Zofia Ciechowska

Zofia Ciechowska

Keep away from children and fire.


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