It’s a question lots of people ask - we are different to other consultancies after all.

We thought we’d help give an answer, but it’s probably best coming from the clients we’ve worked with.

So here it is in their own words: what’s it like working with Made by Many.

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Business Strategy

60-second quiz: How innovation ready is your business?

Find out if you're ready for digital transformation

Julian March   ·   22 January 2019

Business Strategy

Lab rats - true tales of digital innovation

There is no set formula, process or structure for becoming a digital business, but these two case studies suggest that the key to understanding how to org...

William Owen   ·   11 December 2018


Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer (Full-time/Part-time)

We’re looking for a versatile and collaborative full-stack software developer to join our team.

Neethu Mathew   ·   28 November 2018