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Instagram has changed the way I look at photography, from taking single images of beautiful found ephemera to sharing sequences of images as an event or mo...

A bank holiday at the seaside seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the idea, and using a combination of Instagram and voice memo, I documented the day. I matched the Instagrams with the sound bites and rendered it as an almost Pummelvisionesque video.

I wasn't sure exactly what I'd make of the final video, on the day it seemed slightly ridiculous, I think mainly because when you're actually in the moment, you forget you'll forget. But, what I found looking back was that the photos seemed to take on a new dimension, they come to life, allowing you to remember and relive as if you were there, which the alternative, video, can sometimes overcomplicate. It's the halfway point that allows you to document the best bits with the pro's of each medium. Whether the journey works as an idea, I'm not sure, but as an addition to individual images, it could be interesting?