EDI Policy

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive company; where all voices, backgrounds and experiences are reflected in our teams, our culture and our products. 

Without true cognitive diversity, we’re placing an invisible ceiling on our capacity to create and innovate. We’re committed to creating products, services and experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all those who want to and do interact with them.

Valuing equity, inclusion and diversity is fundamental to the future of Made by Many, of our people, of our clients and society.  

Our ongoing goals 

We are always striving to improve and maintain the below: 

  • Create and maintain a culture of inclusion and belonging 
  • Build, maintain and support an authentically diverse team across the company as we grow
  • Continuously support the personal development, growth and learning of all of our employees - we recognise that this learning goes far beyond Made by Many and we hope that what we do contributes to the greater society we belong to  
  • Strengthen our leadership accountability for delivering on our goals
  • In future, we aspire to have a diverse team of leaders at Made by Many, but recognise that this is something that would only happen when we are of a size that means our leadership team grows
  • Share our journey for others to learn from, keeping us accountable 
  • Everybody at Made by Many is able to contribute to conversations, are listened to and their views are considered 
Areas of focus

ED&I Update

As part of our ED&I strategy, we are committed to being open and transparent on our progress on this journey. We want to be held accountable and feel it’s important for us to continue to progress.

Over the last year we are proud of the progress we have made. We recognise that we can still do more, but sharing here our progress to date. 

2022/23 Achievements

Learning & Development: Giving every employee the training that supports us meeting our goals.

  • Mandatory training for all employees on Allyship & Diverse Language. 

Community: Using our voice in the wider community to authentically diversify our industry. 

  • Continued our support and involvement in Flipside, providing 18-24 year old under-represented Londoners with the experience, skills and behaviours they need to access the digital design industry.  

Hiring & retention: Creating and maintaining an equitable hiring and retention process to build a diverse and inclusive team.

  • Using recruiters who champion diversity, have ED&I policies and provide us with diverse shortlists of candidates
  • Expanding our recruitment methods, using a variety of jobs boards to attract diverse applicants
  • Using, checking and ensuring inclusive language on all job descriptions  
  • Clear & transparent pay bands, including pay on all job descriptions 
  • Identified pay gaps and strategies to close 

People & Culture: Creating a culture of belonging and inclusivity with equitable opportunities for all employees.

  • Introducing an annual diversity monitoring survey for us to track progress and highlight areas for improvement
  • Offering bank holiday swaps for cultural/religious holidays and festivals alternative days off 

Ways of working: Incorporating practices into our work to build inclusive products, services and experiences.

  • Introduced diversity targets for fair representation in research  

2023/24 Goals

We have set the below goals and targets for the next year.

Learning & Development 

  • Bias training for all employees 
  • Mandatory training on diversity language and allyship for all new employees 


  • Continued involvement in Flipside

Hiring & Retention

  • Introduce diverse hiring practices for freelancers & contractors 
  • Equalise pay across all of our job functions (achieved)

People & culture

  • Inclusive events (ie non-drinking events) 
  • Create cultural calendar, recognising more cultural events in workplace 

Ways of working

  • Improve accessibility on our own channels 
  • Accessibility training