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Cava Grill is a rapidly expanding fast-casual restaurant chain with multiple locations across North America. Their menu is highly configurable, allowing customers to pick from many different ingredients to customise Greek and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, with a total of 58,978,800 possible meal combinations!

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This technology-driven organisation needed a best-in-class digital ordering experience enabling them to guide new and existing customers through their manifold menu options quickly, and find unique ways to reward them.

We defined the core customer experience for Cava’s digital & group ordering, and reimagined their loyalty program. We researched how, what, and when customers and non-customers ordered food and how they felt about our new loyalty program proposals. We discovered new customer insights and prototyped multiple experiences to address them. A mix of in-store and out-of-store testing helped us assess the likely use our proposed features.

We delivered a scalable multi-platform ordering service which is responsive and runs on iOS and Android. A pilot product was successfully launched inside the restaurants and customer feedback has been extremely positive.

Cava now have best-in-class mobile and desktop ordering experience that can meet the operational demands of running a very busy restaurant chain rolling out new stores across the U.S. The app and website reflect the high-quality and aspiration to which the Cava brand strives.

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